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Affordable home collaboration at Brampton’s Daniels MPV: The Daniels Corporation, Choice Properties REIT, Habitat for Humanity GTA

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The Daniels Corporation and Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust partnered with Habitat for Humanity GTA to participate in a Habitat GTA Team Build Day at Brampton, Ontario’s Daniels Mount Pleasant Village (MPV) community.

The event was held to support Habitat GTA partner families in “building strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.” The three teams participated in a townhome’s construction process and prepared the home at MPV for upcoming building stages.


“Having an affordable home creates stability, hope and resilient communities”


A release points out that having an affordable home creates stability, hope and resilient communities, and that it’s important for organizations to contribute social impact, team cohesion, and support and change to the communities they serve.

“At Daniels, we take immense pride in the work we do in partnership with Habitat for Humanity GTA. We value the importance of giving back to our communities and are especially proud during this season of giving back to our community in such a meaningful way with our partners at Choice Properties and Habitat GTA. Participating in the build of a new townhome for a deserving Habitat partner family signifies a profound moment in our ongoing commitment to community support and inclusivity,” says Jake Cohen, COO at The Daniels Corporation. “Our work is more than just about building homes. We are ensuring that deserving families have a foundation for a brighter future.”

Orit Sarfaty, VP, sustainability and placemaking at Choice Properties, comments: “At Choice Properties, we view our spaces as an opportunity to enhance the economic well-being and social fabric of the surrounding community. We are proud to have a partner in Daniels who shares our commitment to taking a multi-sector, inclusive approach to development. Today, we are eager to offer our hands in the building of a Habitat for Humanity home, with the hope of enriching the lives of the family it will hold. Together, we are creating healthy, resilient communities.”


A long partnership working across the GTA


Daniels has partnered with Habitat for Humanity GTA for over 20 years, working with almost 100 families across the GTA. Last year, the company received the first Developer for Humanity Lifetime Achievement Award by Habitat for Humanity GTA, to recognize their “commitment to affordable homeownership opportunities and economic and social well-being within the communities they serve.”

Ene Underwood, CEO of Habitat for Humanity GTA, says, “Time and again, Daniels delivers on their goal of creating truly vibrant communities that go beyond bricks and mortar. We are thrilled that Daniels, together with their partner, Choice Properties, have created this opportunity for yet another Habitat family to realize the strength, stability and possibility that comes from a home of their own. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners onsite today, we are unlocking change for generations through the building of affordable homes.”


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