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B.C. real estate advisor launches scholarship for students with autism

Real Estate professional and entrepreneur, Adam Gant, is launching a new scholarship opportunity for British Columbian students who have been diagnosed with autism.

The $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to a prospective or current post-secondary student in B.C. Gant says he is motivated by the admiration and appreciation for the many gifts of people on the spectrum.

“I was recently reminded of the comparison of someone breaking their leg and wearing a cast versus someone getting an invisible injury, such as a concussion. We wouldn’t expect someone with a cast on to jump up out of their chair and run a few laps around a track, but when it’s an invisible ailment, such as a concussion, it’s harder to understand what our expectations should be,” Gant says in an email.

“I created this scholarship opportunity… to reframe people’s expectations of autism. The point of the scholarship is two-fold. The first is to give someone a hand up to help them realize… their potential,” Gant added. “The second is to bring awareness to the fact that not all ailments are visible… This scholarship will not only provide financial aid for a semester of studies, but it will help encourage others to recognize the benefits of students and colleagues with autism”

The deadline for applications is December 15th, with the scholarship funds to be made available for the 2023 school year.

Requirements for the application can be found here.