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BCREA keeps up pressure during election

The B.C. Real Estate Association pushed hard to ensure that several issues of concern to its membership were kept in front of provincial politicians during the recent B.C. election campaign. 


The association wants to see the next B.C. government help restore consumer confidence in the housing market and to more strongly support private property rights. 


BCREA believes that consumer confidence has been undermined by the ongoing leaky condo crisis, and that the re‑establishment of the B.C. Building Standards Branch, amendments to the B.C. Building Code and the Vancouver Building Bylaw to address the crisis, would go a long way toward re‑establishing consumer trust, especially in the condo market.


“The regulation of residential construction has received too low a priority in the allocation of government resources,” says BCREA president Liz Tutt. “The result has been disastrous for thousands of owners of leaky condominiums in B.C.”


To better protect private property owners, the association wants the B.C. government to offer a fair compensation package, and an efficient appeal process, for landowners whose property rights and values are adversely affected by legislation. 


“Even though the B.C. legislature supported the constitutional entrenchment of property rights, since 1982 it has continued to pass legislation that severely restricts the rights of property owners,” says Tutt. “The result of such legislation is expropriation without compensation.”