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BisRing launches newly designed online platform for real estate

BisRing, a network of real estate resources in the Greater Toronto Area, recently relaunched its online platform to improve the user experience and with new content.

“The new sleek, intuitive interface allows users to navigate and easily search for the expansive directory of real estate related services and products they are interested in,” says BisRing in a news release.

“This newly redesigned and improved portal allows real estate investors, service providers and various businesses to share their wealth of knowledge by writing BisBlogs at absolutely no cost. BisRing is the first in its industry to openly allow its members to write blogs and post them on the BisRing website,” the company says. “This new addition by BisRing demonstrates the company’s transparency compared to other similar platforms that control their blog content by only allowing their own writers to contribute to their blogs. At this content is based on real-life experience that is highly beneficial for the investors and homeowners and provides valuable tips and tricks.”

The company is offering a two-months free period of their ProBisRinger Gold membership, after which it will offer a reduced subscription fee of $9.99 per month.  Users can use the promo code bisring2020 for an additional month free.

“We are looking for strategic investors at the seed investment stage who could be the catalyst for us to achieve exponential growth and go across Canada and then North America,” says Akilan Theva, founder and CEO of BisRing.

“BisRing is the place to find people, services and products from every aspect of the real estate industry. Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate investor, or offering services in the real estate market, BisRing’s network will empower you to carry out your tasks more efficiently and quickly,” he says.

“We were able to share our vision with our Richmond Hill MP Majid Jowhari and how we want to grow and help the real estate investors and homeowners to be able to access all the real estate resources under a single platform,” he says.

To view BisRing’s public blogs, click here.