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Bringing real estate investment within reach for more Canadians

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While real estate has proven to be a smart long-term investment, fewer Canadians have the financial means available today to invest in a property in addition to their primary residence. Fortunately, your clients can now begin investing in real estate thanks to Lotly, with as little as $1,000 and a projected average annual return of 15 per cent.

Lotly is making real estate investment significantly more accessible within the current market. This is an innovative way to invest in real estate that allows Canadians to buy an equity share in real people’s homes by contributing to their down payments through the Lotly Fund. As each home within the fund is sold or refinanced, the initial investment is returned to investors, plus a share in the property’s appreciated value.

Lotly’s real estate investment model also alleviates a lot of the stress associated with traditional real estate investments. As a Lotly investor, there’s no need to worry about such things as mortgages, tenants or taxes. Instead, investors simply watch their investments grow and reap the financial rewards. 

Lotly relies on data captured by its in-house team of experts to ensure investments are only made in homes and areas with high potential to appreciate. Risk is further minimized by distributing investors’ contributions across multiple homeowners, property types and markets. 

There’s also a feel-good aspect to investing with Lotly! In addition to benefiting from appreciation in multiple investment properties, the choice to invest with Lotly also allows fellow Canadians to buy a home. This is a win-win scenario! 


How Lotly investing works


Lotly is a Canadian business driven to help Canadians purchase their dream home and/or invest in real estate with the goal of building future wealth for both parties. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Investors contribute to the Lotly Fund. Lotly collects an investment pool from real estate investors.
  2. Lotly Fund capital goes towards buying homes. Lotly Fund contributes to the down payments of real homebuyers.
  3. In return, investors own a share in the homes they helped purchase within the fund. When these homes are sold or refinanced, investors are paid out their initial investment plus a portion of the appreciated value.

How to become an investor


Investors can get started online in just a few minutes by visiting

Once the account is authorized, select “I’m an investor.” Next, an investor profile must be set up. This will include basic personal information (name, address, etc), financial information and investment style.

Once approved as an investor, it’s time to reserve fund units and provide additional information that’s legally required to invest in Canadian real estate. Investors can get started with an investment of just $1,000. This is 100 units at the price of $10/unit. 

Investors must speak with Lotly’s securities dealer, Meadowbank Asset Management, as part of the transaction. Meadowbank helps ensure the investment makes sense for each person.

Once the investment is complete, holdings can be viewed in Lotly’s website dashboard.

There’s no time like the present to start investing in real estate – and Lotly is making this dream a reality for more Canadians!


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