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CityBlast teams up with RESAAS

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CityBlast, a social media marketing firm that connects agents with buyers and sellers through social media, is partnering up with RESAAS, a social network designed specifically for the real estate industry.

“We’ve been on each others’ radars and it was only a matter of time until we started to implement ways we can enhance the agent experience leveraging both platforms,” says CityBlast co-founder Shaun Nilsson.

RESAAS is a network of more than 360,000 real estate professionals, “aimed at helping expand their influence and money-making potential by connecting professionals with each other across the globe,” the company says. CityBlast  manages and promotes agents’ social accounts, helping agents passively generate leads while keeping their online presence looking fresh and up to date.  Working together has obvious synergies, the companies say.

CityBlast will now be available for purchase by RESAAS members.  “This type of partnership is great news for anyone looking to kick start their real estate marketing this year and take advantage of new media to its fullest potential.  Plus we have plans to add more tools as we go,” says Nilsson.

Real estate professionals can register with RESAAS for free. CityBlast accounts come with a two-week free demo.

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