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Closing the gap: A blueprint for accountability in real estate teams

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Does keeping your team accountable feel like a constant battle? Tasks fall through the cracks, goals remain just out of reach and the team’s potential is mired in a cycle of unmet expectations and missed opportunities. This scenario is all too familiar with teams, where the lack of accountability can be the single largest barrier to success.

Now, picture a team that operates with precision and purpose. Goals are not only set but met with consistency, as every team member holds themselves and each other accountable. The transformation is palpable: morale soars, productivity spikes and the team’s collective achievements surpass even the loftiest expectations. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a tangible reality for many teams.

As I’ve navigated the complexities of coaching elite real estate teams, a transformative concept has crystallized before me: the power of a measurable, system-supported client journey.

By creating a measurable client journey, attaching vetted systems and tools to every step and identifying baselines for performance, these methodologies provide a clear path forward. The solutions are designed not just to identify weak spots but to foster an environment of continuous improvement and mutual accountability.

So, let’s dive into them in more detail.


Creating a measurable client journey

The foundation of accountability in any real estate team begins with a clear, measurable client journey. This journey maps out each step a client takes, from initial contact to closing and beyond, transforming a nebulous process into a series of concrete milestones.

In my coaching experience, I’ve seen the transformative power of this clarity. For instance, a team I worked with was struggling with inconsistent client experiences, leading to unpredictable results and lower-than-average repeat and referral numbers.

By defining each step of their client’s journey, from initial consultation to post-sale follow-up, we were able to establish a consistent, high-quality experience that not only improved client satisfaction but also enhanced team accountability.

This measurable journey acts as a roadmap for both new and seasoned team members, ensuring everyone understands the critical touchpoints and the value they bring to the client experience. It’s about moving from a “gut feeling” approach to a data-driven strategy, where every action is intentional and aligned with the team’s goals.

By adopting this first solution, teams can transition from chaos to clarity, setting the stage for the implementation of effective systems and tools and, ultimately, a culture of high performance and accountability.


Vetted systems at every step

The foundation of a high-performing team lies in its systems and technology. It’s not just about having tools in place but ensuring these tools are integrated seamlessly into every step of the client journey.

This means vetting and attaching the right systems to support each phase, from initial contact to post-sale follow-up, ensuring a smooth, measurable client experience. In one transformative case, a team I coached was struggling with lead follow-up. We helped them develop the right plans to optimize the CRM combined with community training for every agent on the team — creating clear steps to lead to the desired outcome.

It’s not about finding the new shiny object; it’s about finding the right tools that support your systems, and then training your team to use them and improve the client journey.


Set the baseline: Knowing what to expect

Let’s redefine our approach: We’ve laid out the map for our client’s journey, integrating systems and tools to ensure consistency in our service. It’s pivotal that our team grasps the expectations set before them.

Understanding the difference between average and peak performance is crucial. At every juncture of our client’s journey, our team must be aware of these benchmarks. We initiate by setting a data-driven standard, against which we’ll measure actual outcomes. Without clarity on these expectations, reaching your standards will remain an elusive goal.

Even the most gifted individuals can falter if the framework for success isn’t well-established. Identifying the gap between our baseline and actual performance is the first step towards recognizing areas where your agents could benefit from additional targeted training.

Leadership is the linchpin that holds everything together. It’s one thing to have documented processes and trained agents, but another to ensure these are being followed diligently. Leadership must regularly inspect actual practices against what’s documented and trained.
This involves setting clear expectations, monitoring performance and providing constructive feedback. Team leaders who shift from assuming compliance to actively verifying it uncover discrepancies but also open opportunities for targeted training, significantly closing the performance gap.

By aligning these three entities, teams can “close the loop of smoke and mirrors”, turning weak spots into strengths and elevating overall performance. This holistic approach ensures that systems support actions, training enhances capability and leadership validates and guides the process, creating a cohesive, high-performing team poised for sustained success.


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