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Community Real Estate Group of London, Ont. joins eXp Realty

eXp recently welcomed Angela Westerik and her team. She ran her independent brokerage, Community Real Estate Group, since it was established in 2018 in London, Ontario.

Westerik’s team consists of her husband, Shawn Westerik, and Brad McClelland. She says they mainly work in residential real estate “with consistent efforts in a couple of niche markets.”


Why the change


After years of dealing with administrative demands, Westerik felt she needed a change: “Following a highly successful yet demanding sales year in 2021, a realization dawned on me. It became apparent that my daily focus wasn’t aligning with my true desires,” Westerik says. “Despite enjoying my role as broker of record and owner, the increasing time demands prompted me to seriously consider the move to eXp Realty.”

Leading up to her decision, Westerik had been in touch with eXp Realty agent Matt Ashby, who joined the brokerage in 2017. She explains how he inspired her to make the change:

“Over the years, Matt and I stayed connected, fueled by our shared passion for personal and business growth. Toward the end of 2023, our discussions gained momentum, leading to the decision to align myself with the dynamic and innovative eXp Realty brand. The eXp Realty platform resonated with me, and it became evident that this was the optimal choice.”


An “impressive” experience so far


Westerik says her impressions of eXp so far can be summed up in one word: impressive. About the support during the closure of her brokerage and the entire onboarding process for her team, she says it’s been “remarkably seamless” and, “We are grateful to everyone who made the process enjoyable, recognizing that worthwhile endeavors often come with challenges.”

The rebranded Community Real Estate Group-Brokered by eXp Realty team looks forward to what the future holds. “The prospect of sharing wisdom and insights with like-minded professionals worldwide is truly exciting,“ Westerik shares.


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