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Customizing the way homebuyers search fuels sales success

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For years, online searches for homes have gone unchanged – until now. The rapid deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to alter the way we search. It is why agents are rushing to provide their clients with the newest technology that creates a customized and vastly more efficient homebuying search experience. 

Agents know a better, more engaging search experience fosters strong client relationships. OneHome from CoreLogic, the client portal for its Matrix listing management platform, is providing a whole new search and collaboration experience for home buyers. Not only does it elevate the way agents showcase properties and neighbourhoods, but it also creates a seamless communication hub and enhances and streamlines the entire homebuying journey. It enables clients to make swift and informed decisions based on information tailored to their specific needs. 

One of the many powerful, advanced features of OneHome is the AI-enabled PropertyFit score by analyzing homebuyers’ preferences, OneHome matches and scores properties that align closely with a client’s unique tastes. This popular feature enhances overall satisfaction and ensures personalized options – all while keeping agents informed of each client’s evolving preferences.

Another unique and powerful feature is the built-in Drive Time analysis that delivers greater insights, allowing homebuyers to evaluate commute times and the convenience of potential locations. When agents provide clients with this hyper local information, their clients can make well-informed decisions about their future lifestyles.

Moreover, the interactive dashboard within OneHome helps homebuyers remain organized, keep track of their preferred properties, stay updated on market trends, and communicate seamlessly with their agent. Improving communication ensures information flows smoothly, facilitating quicker decision-making and a more seamless buying experience. 

Because OneHome provides a detailed view of all client activities, clients never fall through the cracks. Armed with this valuable information, agents can deliver exceptional service, focusing attention on where it matters most.

Best of all, OneHome seamlessly integrates with other CoreLogic tools like Matrix and Prospects Mobile, and for agents, that means improved workflow efficiency and effectiveness. With essential information just a few clicks away, agents can effectively manage tasks while providing their clients with the cutting-edge search tools they want – and need.

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