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Dan St. Yves: A Type ‘A’ personality quiz

Dan St. Yves 2005It takes all kinds to make the world go around, or so the old saying goes. But there are certain types of individuals who strive to ensure that the world goes around a bit more efficiently — or at least a bit more efficiently for them. I’m talking about people who possess what is commonly called a “Type A” personality. Some might call them “go-getters”, others might refer to them as “divas” or “ass-pants”. I’m not here to make any such judgment calls, I’m just hoping to provide a few clues that you may be working alongside one. Or, funny enough – that you may be one yourself.

1)  When the office gets the sales force together for the annual group photo, do you know someone who:

a)  Proceeds directly to the front of the group, even if they are 7 2″?

b)  Hops up and down to be noticed, until the photographer relents and snaps their picture in mid-leap?

c)  Wears a fluorescent green blazer and bright yellow pants for picture day, just by coincidence? These are indeed Type A personalities.

2)  When you are in the office trying to get on a photocopier that is already in use, do you:

a)  Pace like a trapped jungle cat while everyone else clearly moves in slow motion, making the onset of rigor mortis seem quicker by comparison?

b)  Mutter under your breath about how you’ve seen faster molasses pouring onto pancakes on a backyard picnic table in mid-December?

c)  Start planning a wake for the individual on the copier, who has obviously gone into rigor mortis? I believe YOU may have a Type A personality, my friend.

3)  You are mounting an amateur theatre production of Annie with fellow office colleagues at an annual sales conference, and they refuse to allow you to play the lead role. Your reaction is to:

a) Threaten to turn the Annie wig into a brush-cut clump of frayed red yarn?

b) Vent vigorously for 30 minutes about the folly of allowing a child to fill such a crucial role in the musical, saying. “The audience will never buy it”?

c) Defend the merits of a middle-aged male in the title role, but admit the wardrobe may need a few modifications for showcasing your sturdy calves? Seriously, that’s a Type A personality, dude!

4)  If someone in your office has an opinion contrary to yours, do you:

a)  Politely listen to their point of view, consider the merits and then gently ask the co-worker when their last IQ test was? If ever?

b)  Cut them off abruptly, and ask them to go refill your coffee?

c)  Try to prevent your head from exploding while waiting for the moron to finish talking? Signs of a Type A personality, I would suggest.

5)  If you are in the middle of a “fun” inter-office weekend curling bonspiel, and one of your teammates throws a stone that completely misses the target, do you:

a) Walk over and coach her empathically on the importance of focus and discipline, even though this is just supposed to be a chance to mingle with your fellow agents?

b) Repeatedly smash your broom on the hog line until it turns into bacon?

c) Propel that teammate along the ice to illustrate the proper trajectory required for his next shot? Type A for sure!

Humour columnist and author Dan St. Yves was licensed with Royal LePage Kelowna for 11 years. Check out his website at, or contact him at [email protected].