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Eastern Ontario real estate boards exploring integration: OREB, KAREA, RCREB, RSLREB

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On June 24, an announcement about exploring regional integration was shared with the members of the Kingston and Area Real Estate Association (KAREA), Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB), Renfrew County Real Estate Board (RCREB) and Rideau-St. Lawrence Real Estate Board (RSLREB).

It explains that the four boards are exploring integration, with the goal of building value, enhancing services and helping members to compete and provide excellent client service.

The announcement says that integration is being considered because it “could bring the regional boards together to establish a more influential and capable organization that can meet significant industry developments head-on and capitalize on opportunities to benefit our members.”

Examples of ways to achieve this are mentioned and include an expansion of shared services, a merger with one or more of the existing boards or an amalgamation into a new corporation.

The announcement goes on to note that any decision to integrate in any way must, and will, be brought to all members of all boards for a vote. A task force of representatives from each board has been created to ensure good governance and options are examined before being brought to the memberships.


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