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Frequently Asked Questions

1. REALTOR® and RE/MAX® are registered trademarks. You are supposed to be writing them in all caps and including a registered trademark symbol. Why don’t you?
Like most news publications in Canada, REM adheres to CP style, which prohibts the use of trademark (™) or registered mark (®) symbols, or stylized text, e.g. all capitals, in editorial copy. As REM is first and foremost an editorial, news publication, we take our commitment to the CP style guide seriously, like all other major Canadian news publications, and respect this provision.
2. Where should I send my news release?

We welcome you to submit all news releases directly to our editor for consideration. Please include high resolution images as an attachment or in a link in the body of your message, if applicable.

3. I wrote a column or article I think you should include in your magazine. What should I do with it?

We’re open to all articles from the community as long as they have value to the industry. We do not publish duplicate content so any columns or articles must be original for You can submit them to our editor along with any high resolution images that should accompany it

4. I have an idea for a story you should write and publish in your magazine. What should I do?

We’d love to be able to follow up with every single story idea that gets submitted to us, but not every story submitted can be followed up on by our team. While we do encourage you to send us tips or story ideas if you have them, we also strongly encourage you to submit written press releases or stories instead, or to try writing an article or column yourself as a letter to the editor. You can submit any story idea to our editor if you’d like.

5. I want to advertise. How do I get started?

We have a lot of advertising options. Reach out to us at or you can visit this page and fill out the form:

If you’re not sure what the best option for you is, our team is happy to jump on a call/zoom and do a strategy consultation with you/your team.


6. I don’t currently receive REM’s monthly magazine. How do I subscribe?

The print magazine is currently discontinued and at the moment REM is only a digital publication. Print may return at a future date.

7. I don’t currently receive REM’s exclusive email newsletter for real estate professionals. How do I subscribe?

That’s easy! To sign up for free, just visit this link and enter your email address, then check your inbox for a link to confirm your subscription!

8. Who owns REM? Is REM produced by a board or association?

REM has been independently produced and published for over 25 years. It is not affiliated with any real estate board or association. REM is 100% Canadian owned and operated. REM was bought in 2022 by Andrew & Mark Fogliato to continue the Canadian and family owned tradition of REM since it’s inception.

9. Where is REM distributed?

Currently REM is only distributed online. Print may return at a future date but no plans at present.