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House-hunting app feature for couples delivers recommended properties, favourite listings and more

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Last week, Wahi launched its new home-hunting experience for couples as a feature on the Wahi app.

The company says it streamlines the communication process between partners to help find homes they both agree on faster and more efficiently. Now, couples can keep track of each other’s favourite listings and receive recommendations as co-buyers in one spot.


Schedule house tours, track showings, chat and receive alerts


The app allows couples to schedule house tours together, keep track of showings, chat with each other and their Wahi realtor and receive alerts about favoured properties or showing bookings.

Wahi says that this enhances the ability for both partners to see which homes they’re aligned on and receive recommendations for homes that match their mutual preferences, to facilitate a smoother and less stressful home-hunting experience.


Eliminates need for emails and text messages


“A significant number of homebuyers — 77 per cent — purchase a home with a partner, often as a couple. The ability to browse homes collaboratively and communicate instantly about the homes you like is a game changer,” says Benjy Katchen, CEO of Wahi.

“Wahi’s app is the ultimate home-hunting solution for couples. It eliminates the need to keep track of multiple emails and texts about property listings. Plus it saves time by providing personalized recommendations based on shared interests, finding common ground while still respecting individual preferences.”


Learn more about the Wahi app here.


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