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How to land high-quality client testimonials as a real estate agent

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As a real estate agent, establishing credibility and attracting new clients hinges on social proof — and nothing showcases your expertise quite like client testimonials. 

Testimonials serve as a valuable asset to your real estate business, providing a powerful differentiator that sets you apart from the competition. They not only validate your skills and professionalism but also offer tangible insights into the client experience you provide.

By proactively seeking feedback and encouraging clients to share their positive experiences, you demonstrate a commitment to excellent service while also creating a sense of trust from your community. Each testimonial is a testament to the satisfaction and enthusiasm of your clients, highlighting the value you bring to the real estate journey. 

Today, we’re sharing our proven process for securing high-quality reviews that give your ideal clients a glimpse into what it’s like to work with you. Plus, you’ll learn a unique approach to showcasing these success stories in your marketing to increase your impact, boost engagement and win over prospects.


Understanding that timing is everything


Knowing when to request a testimonial is crucial. For real estate agents, this is typically one to two weeks before or after closing. By making your request when your client is feeling positive about their experience with you, you’ll increase the likelihood of receiving glowing feedback. 


Providing guidance


The biggest obstacle to securing high-quality client testimonials is that individuals are often unsure of what to write in their feedback. The most effective way to combat this is to ask your client specific questions within your request. You can also encourage clients to mention details like the name of their city or particular services you provided to increase searchability on Google. 


Crafting the perfect ask


When requesting a testimonial, the goal is to ensure client feedback is as detailed and specific as possible (a generalized, one or two-sentence review isn’t likely to create a lasting impression). Be sure to ask your client to provide thorough descriptions of their experience — this helps future prospects visualize what it’s like to work with you.

Here’s a template tailored specifically for real estate professionals, based on what we use in our marketing agency when requesting client reviews:

“Hi [NAME],

We’re almost at/we’ve crossed the finish line!

I’ve loved working with you and I’m so grateful you trusted me to buy/sell your home. We’ve come so far together! It would mean so much if you had a few moments to provide your feedback on our time together and leave a Google review [LINK]. Or, if you’d prefer, you can send your review directly to me. Your words go such a long way. 

To make things easier, I’ve included some questions you can consider answering in your review. The more details you can provide, the better!

  1. What initially attracted you to work with me as your realtor?
  1. How did I assist you throughout the home buying/selling process?
  1. What specific aspects of my service stood out to you the most?
  1. If you were recommending my services to a friend/colleague, what would you tell them?

Thank you for your support!”


Showcasing your review


Once you’ve gathered your feedback, it’s time to share your review in your marketing. But it’s not enough to simply post a graphic and hope your ideal clients take notice. Instead, try swapping the usual client testimonial post for a story that paints a picture of the client’s real estate journey.

For example, you might highlight how you assisted a client in navigating a competitive market to secure their dream home or how you advised a homeowner on strategic renovations that boosted their property’s value, leading to a quick and lucrative sale. The key is to tell the story from the client’s point of view, demonstrating your ability to deliver tangible results and solve real-world challenges for prospects.


In a referral-based business like real estate, testimonials from satisfied clients are a highly effective marketing tool. Not to mention, they’re completely free. 

But remember, testimonials aren’t just about getting more clients and closing more deals — they’re about building trust and credibility within your sphere of influence. This means that the best way to land high-quality reviews is by ensuring a shining customer experience is your number one priority. 

By following this framework, you can leverage social proof to strengthen your brand’s credibility, stand out from the crowd and attract more ideal clients with ease.


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