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Letter to the Editor: CREA responds to Realtor Cooperation concerns

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We appreciate the continued dialogue around Realtor Cooperation as we get closer to the date that the new policy will come into force on Jan. 3, 2024. In his letter to the editor on Jul. 6, 2023, broker Cory Raven suggested the new Realtor Cooperation Policy conflicts with a realtor’s Primary Duty to Client in Article 3 of the Realtor Code. It doesn’t.

The policy reinforces and supports the Primary Duty to Client, which states, “a REALTOR® shall protect and promote the interests of his or her client.” Listing a property on an MLS system can result in more offers and better offers, which, I’m sure we can agree, is in a client’s best interest.  

Where a client wants a less public approach to marketing, realtors can still market exclusively within their own brokerage or through one-on-one direct marketing with realtors from other brokerages without triggering the policy.  

It’s only once there is any “public marketing,” like advertising a pre-launch wine and cheese party or a “coming soon” sign on a front lawn, the policy is triggered, following which the listing realtor has three days to list the property on an MLS System. This approach, which is supported by a strong majority of boards and associations across the country, addresses serious issues raised by the potential for misuse and abuse of limited marketing practices, which can often not be in the best interests of clients. We are confident Realtor Cooperation will serve the best interests of both realtors and their clients.   

Between now and January, we’re committed to providing the support needed for both the adoption and enforcement of this policy. We encourage you to bookmark this webpage as resources and information will continue to be shared there.

– The Canadian Real Estate Association 

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