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Mastering sales: Balancing volume and refinement for success

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Sales results really shouldn’t be a struggle. Many business owners and realtors find prospecting to be labourious perhaps because they are doing the wrong things. These things include focusing on what they like in their business, rather than what is actually needed to succeed. But it’s time to level up and win.

Volume focuses on achieving the sales numbers — it’s purely based on the quantity of leads that come in and the deals that you close.

On the other hand, refinement involves the quality of sales and customer interactions. Refinement strategies zero in on improving customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships over the long haul. Here, customer feedback is extremely valuable.

Here are some tips on implementing volume and refinement strategies.


Strategies to boost sales volume


1. Expand your market. Identify new target markets or demographics. Who else can you reach out to? What problems can you solve in different markets?

By focusing on and expanding your ICP (ideal customer profile), your results will surely come. Research emerging neighbourhoods, cities or regions with high growth potential. Keep up with real estate trends (price changes and economic factors). 


2. Generate leads. Do the grunt work yourself or hire others to do it for you. Invest in activities like advertising, content marketing, SEO and cold outreach. Develop a robust online presence through social media and create a strong website.

Focus on the activities that bring in results. Do more than you think in at least one or two of those areas, and refine your approach later.  


3. Provide incentives. As a senior sales executive or broker, you need to motivate your sales team with performance-based incentives. We often hear about this, but it truly moves things along. When your team members feel important, they will work harder.

A great commission or bonus can do wonders to boost motivation, for example. You can base quarterly or annual bonuses on overall performance. 


Strategies to boost sales refinement


1. Use a CRM system. By tracking important conversations, you learn about your customers. You can take measures to improve interactions and strengthen overall customer service. Customer feedback should be analyzed. Always identify what you can do better.

The number one interest of real estate agents is to capture more leads. Lead management through a CRM (customer relationship management) system will automatically capture leads from various sources, including your website, LinkedIn and other social media as well as listing sites.


2. Get professional sales training. Continuously train your sales team on best practices. Keep them up to date on product knowledge. Find out what areas individual reps need to work on (cold outreach, content marketing, following up, etc.). By investing in such training or coaching, the productivity of your sales reps will increase. In-depth training on the local market, including neighborhood specifics and zoning laws will greatly benefit agents.


3. Add a personalized touch. Tailor your sales approaches and marketing messages to individual customer needs. Offer additional services that enhance client experiences. Providing after-sales support to demonstrate your care is crucial for maintaining relationships, encouraging referrals and reinforcing your overall reputation as a broker or realtor.


Pitch, test, refine, try again


Volume provides quick gains. Whether achieved through digital marketing, open houses or networking, your overall outreach increases. The idea is to test what works. Begin by doing a ton of cold calls, posts on social media, etc. Then, go back and refine your message, your sales script and how you connect with customers after the sale.

Testing what works is uncomfortable. No one likes to feel like they don’t have it right, but that’s exactly where it all begins.


Refinement provides sustainability. By understanding your clients better, you serve them better. As you move forward in your business, remember that a balanced approach to volume and refinement strategies is great for learning and improving sales.


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