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Millionaire real estate agents share best strategies for this market

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A recent CNN article reported on “the beginning of the end of how homes are bought and sold”, predicting that “real estate agents will become relics like travel agents and stockbrokers.”

The reality for real estate agents in 2024 is that nothing is as it was:

  • The market has changed. Interest rates are still high. Inventory is low. Buyers are nervous to buy and sellers are nervous to sell.
  • Your prospects have changed. Buyers don’t think they need you anymore because they can easily find homes online, PLUS no one answers the phone anymore.
  • The legislation is changing. The buyer cooperative commission is being challenged and will result in changes. If you don’t know how to negotiate your fee — starting with knowing what to offer buyers that they REALLY want but can’t get themselves — you’re in trouble.
  • The tech will continue to change. Highly advanced AI models completely changed multiple aspects of most industries in only a few weeks.


Craig Proctor’s first Toronto conference since before the pandemic


“I’ve been working closely with a core group of my Millionaire agent students to isolate the strategies that have made their businesses not only market-proof but on enviable growth curves,” says Proctor.

“Everywhere I look, agents are struggling and I know how to help. You name a bad market over the last 30 years and I’ve not only weathered it but actually excelled through the downturns: the 1991 recession when real estate prices dropped 30 per cent, 9/11 when the world stopped, the 2003 SARS Epidemic, the 2008 Financial Crisis — this is not my first down market.”

Proctor’s experience spans over three decades and he’s arguably one of the most successful real estate agents of all time. He was named the #1 Re/Max agent in the World in only his third year in the business and was top-10 throughout his over 20-year career as an agent (he was never a broker).

Unlike any other real estate trainer, Proctor successfully did what he teaches you and is regarded within the industry as the King of Lead Attraction. He’s coached more agents to Millionaire status than any other real estate trainer.


Survival isn’t about luck. It’s about system, strategy and implementation


“I don’t believe in luck,” says Proctor. “I believe in system, strategy and implementation. I believe in smart marketing that doesn’t even slightly resemble the traditional tactics most agents are taught. It’s not about spending money you don’t have. It’s about understanding what buyers and sellers really want and structuring marketing offers to them that are so compelling that they call you versus you having to chase them.

“Success doesn’t randomly happen. Each of us has to make things happen for ourselves. And making it happen starts with taking an honest look at your “now” and then seeking a better way. I’m going to give agents that “way” at my April 3 Toronto Conference.”


You must learn how to do business with strangers


“If you’ve been relying on referrals, that well will eventually run dry,” says Proctor. “You need powerful prospect attraction and conversion systems if you want to stay in business and make great money without working 24/7. That was the secret of my success. I learned how to get strangers to call me.

“At my Toronto Conference, I’m meeting up with serious agents who are determined to succeed. I’ll spell out the specific strategies — in detail — that have made my Millionaire agents the most money in THIS volatile market. All you have to do is show up, take lots of notes and then copy what you learn. Agents who attend will walk away with a solid plan to make 2024 the best year of their entire real estate career,” Proctor promises.

“Make no mistake. This IS a critical time in your career. You must choose very carefully what you’re going to do and who you’re going to listen to.”

The conference is being held on Wednesday, April 3 at the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Center & Spa (8500 Warden Ave., Markham, ON L6G 1A5). Specially discounted Early Bird tickets are available for a limited time HERE.

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