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Real Property Management opens 14 new franchises

Real Property Management (RPM), the largest residential property management company in North America, has opened 14 new franchises across the country so far this year.

Rhory Morgan opened Real Property Management Partners in Scarborough, Ont. Morgan has specialized in risk management for business owners in real estate, development and construction. He is a designated Chartered Insurance Professional and previously had his General Insurance License.

“I believe I am able to assist property owners organize their investments to their full potential,” Morgan says. The fast-paced and ever changing landscape of real estate development in the Greater Toronto Area is what enticed Morgan to enter into property management, he says.

In Kelowna, B.C., Aaron Piva and Treena Carson-Piva opened Real Property Management Executives. The husband and wife pair have been engaged in the real estate market for over two decades. They have bought and sold investment properties, oversaw small and large building projects, and managed revenue properties.

“We keenly understand the priorities of a property owner: protect your asset, minimize your costs, and maximize your return,” says Carson-Piva. “We have first-hand experience with the challenges associated with being a long-distance landlord, and we are committed to minimizing that struggle for as many landlords as we can.”

Also in Kelowna, Bryan K. Saul launched Real Property Management Pinnacle. Saul entered the property management business more than 25 years ago as an investor and builder. Over the years he has specialized in disaster and emergency restoration, giving him a unique understanding of all aspects of insurance claims, the company says. This will help him as he manages issues with properties.

“I’m excited to be the reliable partner my clients can trust to maximize their investment,” says Saul. “My team and I have local expertise, when you combine that with the support we receive from RPM, our clients will be very happy.”

During his first three months of business Saul aims to add 30 properties to the RPM Pinnacle portfolio. By the end of his first year, he is looking forward to managing 100 properties and developing a specialized division for office buildings and maintenance.

Brian Cripps opened Real Property Management Lifestone recently in Calgary. He purchased his first rental property five years ago, and since then has learned to deal with a variety of issues relating to properties and tenants. He will bring his first-hand experience to the business to understand and serve his clients.

“When it comes down to it, property management is a people business. As an investor, we had acquired enough properties to know we liked what we were doing and wanted to take it a step further,” says Cripps. “When we started out, the learning curve was steep, and we found that we needed to build systems to ensure our investment was secure in a market that was changing rapidly.”

As he began speaking with other real estate investors, he discovered his challenges were not unique, and by creating systems and sticking to them he was able to find solutions to common problems quickly. It was then that Cripps felt confident that he had something unique that he could provide to the Calgary community, the company says.