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Too many cold calls from real estate agents

How do potential home buyers and sellers view cold callers? Many feel they are receiving too many sales calls from real estate agents. While there is something called a Do Not Call List, not everyone follows the rules.

For someone about to make a real estate move, it can be incredibly stressful. How do they find the “right” Realtor to work with? They may interview several agents, unless of course they trust you, their “cousin,” “sister” or “uncle” in the business. Perhaps they trust someone they have been referred to through their network of connections. Will they hire someone who cold calls them?

Despite the resistance to them, I’m a huge proponent of cold calling. But there are ways to do things professionally. My entire business surrounds cold calling, as a service and a sales training arena. You can watch our videos on YouTube to get ideas about how to make cold calls work.

If you are cold calling, it’s important to know that it is never wise to push boundaries and upset people in order to make a sale. A delicate balance is required. Asking for permission to send out emails and follow-up updates is key.

Consumers who are fed up with cold calls can phone 1-866-580-3625 (DNCL) to get on the Do Not Call List. Consumers can register any of their Canadian telephone numbers on the list including home phones, cell phone numbers or fax numbers.