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TRREB honours members for 60 years of service

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board recently honoured 10 members for the milestone of over 60 years of TRREB membership.

They are Daniel Gargarella, a TRREB member for 66 years; Mario Prez, 65 years; Harvey Kalles, 64 years; Silvano Liut, 64 years; Gaetano Catallo, 63 years; Angelo Greco, 63 years; Sheila Waengler, 63 years; George Pappas, 62 years; Norman Smith, 62 years; and Carl Porritt, 60 years.

“This is an incredible milestone to achieve and one that we all aspire to. Our 60-year members have been there through immense growth and change and exemplify the dedication TRREB members have to this industry,” says TRREB CEO John DiMichele.

At TRREB’s spring Annual Meeting, TRREB president Kevin Crigger also recognized a group of members for their community service contributions.

The Community Service Award recognizes TRREB members who know first-hand the impact of making a difference and offering a helping hand to the people at the heart of our towns, cities and regions, says the board. This year Cathy Lawlor, Amol Kapoor, Anastasia Orlando, Rose Sorbera and Don Patel were honoured for their good deeds.

The David Rossi Committee Service Award honours members who contributed substantially to shaping TRREB and the future of the industry. This year’s recipients were Charlene Williams, Roman Havlin and Steven Schmeiser.

“This award wouldn’t be possible without the late David Rossi himself,” says TRREB in a news release. “In 2007, David Rossi was awarded the TRREB President’s Award for the contributions he made to not only TRREB, but also the profession itself. Later in 2011, TRREB created the David Rossi Committee Service Award in his honour to recognize our member volunteers.”