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Exit Realty launches new proprietary technologies

Exit Realty recently rolled out some new proprietary technologies and has more planned for later this year, as it “provides the real estate professional with both professional success and work-life balance,” says the company in a news release.

“Exit is all about the human element. Our philosophy is to build our own technology designed to serve the people behind the device and behind the transaction,” says Exit Realty co-chair Tami Bonnell.

Recently Exit completed the rollout of its enhanced Exit Agent/Office Websites, a fully branded and automated system that requires no configuration and can integrate any real estate professional’s existing web domain name, the company says.

That followed the launch of Exit Edge, a single-point-of-entry system that gathers and integrates data from the Multiple Listing Service to provide “faster and more accurate market forecasting,” it says.

Later this year, Exit plans to launch two more pieces of the framework, intended to improve agents’ efficiency and to better connect partners.

“We build effective technology,” says John Packes, Exit’s chief technology officer. “The goal of effective technology is to create the highest return on tech minutes invested. We want our people to be able to spend as little time as possible using our technology to get the maximum reward.”

The company created a position solely to oversee training and education on its technology. Annette Anthony, the company’s VP of technology engagement, heads a team who respond to individual needs at the brokerage level and ensure that all users are comfortable with the technology, on their own devices, before engaging with their clients.

“Technology and data should help, not hinder, talented agents and brokers,” Bonnell says. “That’s why we create the tools real estate professionals need to be at the top of their game, and we ensure that our people are competent and comfortable with those tools.”