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Michel Friedman shares his sales techniques in new book

Toronto real estate veteran Michel Friedman recently published a sales techniques book titled STAR AGENT, The Path To 50+ Real Estate Transactions Per Year.

STAR AGENT, The Path To 50+ Real Estate Transactions Per Year

STAR AGENT, The Path To 50+ Real Estate Transactions Per Year

The book was recently No. 1 in the hot new releases, real estate profession category on Amazon.

“The purpose of writing this book is to create a tool for you, the real estate practitioner who wants to increase your production and income and present tools to help you achieve that, in a comprehensive book that includes planning, techniques and strategies to guide you on how to reach 50+ real estate transactions per year,” says Friedman.

“It is my vision that you will use this book to build your systems and apply the strategies in your practice. That you will take this book every year to your favourite vacation place, read it again to refresh your memory, analyze your current business and set goals for the following year. That you will continuously refer to the book if you wish to add a technique or a method of doing business or to remind yourself of scripts.”

He says his goal is to show how to attain a large inventory of listings, how to sell those listings quickly and how to best negotiate to successfully conclude a deal and maximize profit.

In the book, “I present to you a wide range of techniques for doing business, and a wide range of scripts and objection handling to situations. My idea is that you have to be comfortable with the script or the handling of the objection and you can adjust my script suggestion to your level of comfort. This way, there is a better chance for the script or technique to be applied and used by you,” Friedman says.

Friedman has been working in the real estate industry for 30 years, selling real estate and managing large offices. He was also general manager of an international real estate franchise operation. During his career he has managed and taught thousands of Realtors, and has written several guest columns for REM.