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Barry Team of Niagara Falls, Ont. joins eXp Realty

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Last month, Emily Barry and the six-agent Barry Team joined eXp Realty Canada. eXp reports that in 2023, the Barry Team closed $80 million on 160 units and has been the Niagara Falls, Ontario number one team for seven years.


Reason for the change


Emily Barry explains: “We joined eXp primarily for the unparalleled support, abundant resources and top-notch training that the platform offers. The prospect of collaborating with other teams across Canada and having access to a network of eight experienced brokers/managers for support was truly exhilarating.”

Barry believes eXp offers “a strong culture of performance”. The shift is particularly significant for her since she’s transitioned from a brokerage where she held one of the most experienced roles.


Opportunities for knowledge expansion 


She describes the prospect of leaning into a high-support team for expanding knowledge and enhancing overall professionalism as a refreshing change. “The continuing education training provided by eXp surpasses anything I’ve encountered before, promising a unique and enriching learning experience,” she explains.


Revenue opportunities are “nothing short of impressive”


Barry says the platform provides a robust framework that opens up avenues for substantial income growth. She describes the innovative approach to commission structures and business models as a “real game changer”.


The long-term goal for Barry’s team


“My overarching goal is to elevate and expand my team, envisioning a future where we comprise 15 or more skilled and motivated agents. Also, I aspire to establish a Mega Icon Team, the pinnacle of success at eXp. I am committed to creating a powerhouse team that stands out for its excellence and impact in the Niagara Region,” Barry explains.


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