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Generate new business & secure clients for life with Home Systems & Appliances Warranty 

If you’re looking for a new way to attract clients – and turn them into raving fans for life – offering one-year protection post-closing for their major home systems and appliances is a gamechanger for your business.

Imagine your marketing potential by offering superb warranty coverage – up to $15,000 in total protection – that eliminates client frustration with unforeseen breakdowns to home systems and appliances shortly after closing. This is often the biggest post-closing nightmare for buyers, sellers and realtors! And including this service in your listings is one more way to set your business apart from the competition.

Realtors are benefiting from increased repeat and referral business from clients who have received the coverage, as well as rave reviews and lifetime loyalty – particularly from clients who required servicing on a covered home system or appliance.

Best of all, you can offer Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ warranty protection to both buyers and sellers with zero risk and cost. You only pay for the service once you have a firm and binding deal! 

Going above and beyond for your buyers and sellers is a promise you’ve built your reputation and business around. So providing added protection for a home’s systems and appliances by purchasing a warranty on your client’s behalf is a natural extension to your current offerings.


A new way to market your business


Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ is an excellent marketing tool for you as it’s the only insurance-backed home system and appliance warranty available in Canada. Not only does this warranty offer protection for clients, but it has also been instrumental in helping realtors increase business by providing a competitive advantage when offering it to potential clients as an added incentive for entrusting you with their property buying and selling needs. 

Canadian Home Shield is also here to support your business by providing help to realtor broker owners with client presentations and co-branding of marketing material, as well as a Zoom introduction and training meetings for agents.


Priority service


How many times have you or your clients had the air conditioning break down in the summer or a furnace conk out in the winter and have to deal with extremely uncomfortable temperatures while waiting for a service technician to find time to help?! Well, this isn’t the case when you purchase this warranty for your clients! Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ Home Systems Warranty coverage guarantees onsite relief within 2-3 hours to service air conditioning systems in the summer and furnaces in the winter. Click here to learn more about this phenomenal coverage.


Protection for buyers


Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ Home Systems & Appliances Warranty coverage is available for your buyers to help them avoid the hassle of added costs after closing when they’re already making one of the largest purchases of their lifetime. The offering provides homeowners with protection and confidence when buying a resale home by warranting the working components of the home as well as appliances. In turn, this also protects realtors from liability and loss of reputation when something goes wrong with the home’s systems or appliances after closing. You can also choose to just cover the home’s working systems. Click here to learn more and begin protecting your buyers today.


Protection for sellers


Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ Home Systems & Appliances Warranty coverage is available for your sellers to help make their property more appealing to buyers by offering coverage on the home’s systems and appliances. You can also choose to just cover the home’s working systems. This is another way to help your client’s property listing stand out from others already for sale in their neighbourhood by showcasing extra protection to potential buyers. Click here to learn more and begin protecting your sellers today.


Begin securing your next competitive advantage today


Offering Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ Home Systems & Appliances Warranty protection to your clients is easy! Click here for a simple step-by-step guide and begin protecting your buyers and sellers today.