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Letter to the Editor: Conflicting obligations and Realtor Code amendments needed

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As many know, in January 2024, CREA will restrict the public marketing of exclusive listings not on MLS.

I further wonder if, in January, there will be a change to the CREA Realtor Code. Article 3 currently reads, “A realtor shall protect and promote the interests of his or her client,” and that will be impossible to fulfil if early marketing activities, a pre-launch wine and cheese party, or a “coming soon” sign on the lawn are in the interest of an agent’s seller (all of these and more creative marketing solutions will be limited starting January 2024).

I’d suggest, starting January 2024, Article 3 of the Realtor Code either be deleted or amended to read “A realtor shall protect and promote the interests of CREA and its products and services over the interest of his or her client” to be more accurate and in line with the new policy.

If Article 3 is not removed in January and there is a conflict between Article 3 and the new policy, would CREA rather an agent breach Article 3 or breach the new Clear Cooperation policy? At times it will be impossible to abide by both of these sometimes conflicting rules of the Realtor Code. 

Most agents are just trying to help their clients day in and day out and wish to do so within the rules that govern them. CREA can assist in this by amending the code to clarify which of these conflicting obligations takes precedence over the other and communicating that to agents well before January. 

Cory Raven

Managing broker/owner

Re/Max Select Realty

Vancouver, B.C.


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