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Marty, don’t resort to name calling

Posted By: Nancy Taylor August 27, 2004
Regarding your article in the August REM (Now you’ve made Marty angry, Metes & Bounds), I take offence and you have made ME angry.
I usually enjoy your articles and was very surprised that you were so harsh and resorted to name calling.
The day of the election, my husband (who is also in real estate) and I had every intention of voting, even though we usually cancel each other out because of our opposing views. The day started early and flew by with listing appointments, showings and doing offers. We didn’t even have time to stop for lunch or dinner, just a quick protein bar on the run. It was after 10 o’clock at night before we got home and sat down to watch the results.
Are we “lazy”, “illiterate”, “'idiots” or “imbeciles'”? I hardly think so! Maybe in this busy fast-paced world there were a few more of us that just could not fit it into our schedule that day. So, I hear you say, why not go to the advanced polls? We had no idea that our day would be so full that we could not make it to vote. We had good intentions of doing so. Maybe because you are a manager and write a column you forget what it is like for the average real estate professional. We HAVE to go to every appointment, be there for our clients 24/7 — as they say, “'make hay while the sun shines”.
I am sure there are some people out there who really don’t care about politics and didn’t get off their butts to go vote. I believe you have chosen the wrong venue to vent. You are spewing out to hard-working, self-employed individuals that have to work hard each and every day (be it a holiday, election day or an average day) to keep the wolf from the door.
NOT an “imbecile”.

Nancy Taylor
Century 21 Network Realty
St. Thomas, Ont.