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The Publisher’s Page: 25 years and counting

Heino Jan 12Well here it is. We are starting our 25th year of publishing. This June we’ll roll out a special issue that I urge you to watch for as it will have some significant articles that you’ll enjoy reading to commemorate our anniversary.

As for the rest of the year, we’ve all given a great deal of thought, debate and discussion on what could be done to celebrate this milestone year. We concluded the very best thing we could do is to continue to bring news to the real estate community that is valuable, reported objectively and cannot be found anywhere else. We will do everything we can to ensure the information you read here is accurate, relevant and important to this industry; your industry.

It is worth reminding one and all that there are more than 100,000 real estate professionals across the country. Some would argue when all parties in the real estate sphere of influence are counted it is more than double that. It is huge.

The physical area we cover is vast. Canadian real estate stretches over an area that is farther in width than the distance across the Atlantic Ocean. Now that REM is available on the Internet through our newsletter and website, REM is read digitally each day by people all around the world. It is staggering to think how far REM reaches and who reads it.

Yet we know that our true universe is small. We are one industry involved in one thing only and that is the transaction of property. And we know that our greatest achievement is winning over just one broker and one sales representative to continue reading our product. That single purpose encompasses our coverage of a huge array of services and products that range from franchising to marketing to advertising to home inspection to staging to commission advance services to property appraisals and all the elements of finance.

It is REM’s job to make sure all of the information we can possibly find about this business is presented in the most complete, most objective and most understandable language possible. I can tell you that we will never accomplish it all. I will promise you that we will try our best. I can also promise you that we will do this better than anyone else. In every issue of REM you will always find news and information that you cannot find anywhere else.

In addition to this promise, we will also continue to carry columns and opinion pieces that are thought-provoking and challenging. We hope that we can generate conversation, debate and even argument that will help make this industry better. We know at the end of the day that the businesses we serve are communities of real people who we are genuinely interested in hearing.

In the year ahead we will do what we did in all the years before. We will focus on you, the reader. We always want to hear from you and soon we’ll launch a formal reader survey that will give you a chance to win a great prize and tell us how we can serve you better.

Our job is to keep you interested in getting the next issue we publish. If we provide the best information, and try to tell the truth….even if it hurts…then maybe, just maybe you will refer this issue or a particular article in this issue to a colleague or acquaintance. And if we can intrigue you enough to pick up the next issue and then the one after that, we win.

And so do you.

Heino Molls is publisher of REM. Email [email protected]