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Sponsored: A smart way for your clients to monitor their homes

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Temperature control, door locks, video surveillance and intrusion alarms. These are just some of the many features that your clients can control in their smart home. With many elements to manage around the house, you can let them know that TELUS Custom Security Systems has made smart automation simple and convenient to monitor. After all, a truly smart solution packages all the behind the scenes complexity of security and automation in a very simple and intuitive way: through one unique app.

Making everyone’s life easier, automation and security solutions designed by TELUS Custom Security Systems are monitored by a single app for your client’s connected home so they can access all of the key features in their account from anywhere.

Prior to getting home, they can dim the lights, turn on the music, set the scenes, all from their phone. When they arrive, it’s time to relax. TELUS Custom Security Systems enhances their lives and the beauty of their home from their fingertips.

Monitor from anywhere.

When presenting the benefits of a smart home to your clients, you have the advantage of many features that sell themselves. They’ll know when a door opens or the security system is disarmed with real-time alerts and notifications sent to their smart devices. Everything is personalized, they can keep tabs on just the activities that they care about and leave the rest to the professionals.

Your clients will be happy to know that wherever they go, they can use one app to create new notifications and activate or deactivate additional users. This makes it easy to add someone to their alert list to help keep an eye on things at home while they’re gone for the weekend, for example.

Control in their hands.

Imagine how nice it would be for your clients to know that they can manage access to all the entry points of their home with integrated door locks and garage door control through one intelligent app on their smart device.

TELUS Custom Security Systems puts the power in your hands

They would also be able to control their home temperature without having to touch the wall-mounted thermostat. Simple controls on the app home screen would allow them to adjust temperature from the office, the bed or from the couch. All of this can be programmed if they prefer smart schedules for their heating and cooling systems.

Knowing what is happening at all times.

Video cameras located around your client’s home and connected to one app make it easy to monitor all points of the property. They can see multiple video feeds side by side, making it easy to quickly check on each monitored area. With one tap, they can open the video details screen and access live-streams from another camera or view their smart clip gallery.

Connected security for custom homes.

TELUS’ tailored solutions will make the property that you are selling more attractive and safe in the eyes of potential buyers. You can count on TELUS Custom Security Systems to design a solution that fits your clients’ needs and budget. Visit to find out more and schedule a free consultation.