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Sponsored: rlpSPHERE, Canada’s most powerful AI-driven integrated real estate platform

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In 2019, Royal LePage set its sights on solving the industry’s most significant business challenge. While the real estate sector was continuously flooded with newer and better tools, a lack of integration, automation and artificial intelligence meant a significant loss of opportunities and productivity. Many products appeared sophisticated, but as islands of technology, they stopped short of being a modern end-to-end solution. Finished products came at the high price of lost hours of putting the same information into different systems with no possibility of true start-to-finish continuity. Worse, some of the industry’s most popular tools were never developed to meet the agent, consumer or regulatory needs of the Canadian market, leaving its users to bridge the gap.

The answer was evident but the task seemed insurmountable. What would it take to get the best tools to ‘talk’ to each other? Further, to meet the high standards that Royal LePage sets for all its products, many of these popular out-of-the-box solutions would require extensive customization to meet expectations and for seamless integration.

Emboldened by the possibilities of an innovative, first-to-market platform and supported by the largest financial investment in the company’s history, Royal LePage quickly moved forward to create rlpSPHERE – an AI-driven, cloud-based digital ecosystem that could be accessed anywhere, at any time, and on any device in English and French.

“Whether you are a broker, an experienced team lead or a new agent, rlpSPHERE is game-changing technology. As the automation works seamlessly for you and your clients, the momentum of success begins to feel effortless,” said Phil Soper, President and CEO, Royal LePage. “rlpSPHERE is also future-proof. As new tools become available, they will be integrated into the digital ecosystem with minimal effort from the user.”

Building a future-proof digital ecosystem

At the heart of rlpSPHERE are powerful websites, superior lead generation, compelling client behavioural insight, and an automated client nurturing system, which has natural and intuitive features that impress both clients and the most experienced real estate professional. The AI-powered Smart CRM and robust analytics track both overall business status and identify specific database conversion opportunities. The end result is a digital ecosystem that frees brokers and agents to be more strategic and increasingly efficient, optimizing their time with active clients while converting prospects in their sphere of influence into satisfied customers.

One of the earliest and core partners to join the rlpSPHERE team was Inside Real Estate, whose popular platform, kvCORE, delivers highly sought AI-driven real estate services in the US market. Aware of the potential for its US-based product in Canada, Inside Real Estate was eager to power Royal LePage’s prop rietary and fully-customized Canadian platform.

“Our network results show rlpSPHERE to be a significant differentiator in online dominance driving new client engagement, while nurturing relationships with potential and existing clients. Now that rlpSPHERE is available coast to coast, our network is reporting increases in overall business and improved customer service levels. Brokers are also finding the tool helpful for recruiting and retention,” said Carolyn Cheng, COO, Royal LePage. “We are energized by our network’s results.”

rlpSPHERE’s top features:

  • Fully customizable brokerage, team and agent websites with the latest consumer search options including polygon map search, search by school catchment area, filtering by lifestyle data, search by travel time as well as recommended listings based on your search criteria.
  • A robust Lead Engine featuring unlimited custom landing pages and squeeze pages as well as built-in paid Google and Facebook advertising options via an integrated Marketplace.
  • Intelligent, customizable lead routing and accountability options at the brokerage and team levels to optimize lead conversion.
  • A Smart CRM and mobile app with dynamic lead follow up and automated nurturing campaigns to engage more leads and sphere of influence contacts.
  • Integrated and branded digital, social media and print marketing templates and options.
  • For brokers, a means to route, nurture, manage and track recruiting prospects through to hire and onboarding, plus the ability to track their e-team’s progress with company generated leads

What Royal LePage professionals are saying:

“rlpSPHERE helped me organize my recruiting leads and stay on top of them with the very professional automated drip campaigns that went out to prospective leads immediately upon inquiry. I have had at least 30% more success with staying in touch with the leads and nurturing them through the real estate courses. It also increased my communication with those that are just at the exploring stage of real estate as a career,” Barbara Frueh, Broker of Record, Royal LePage First Contact Realty, Brokerage.

“I am so thankful for rlpSPHERE! My rlpSPHERE website is very user-friendly and professional.  I couldn’t have built a better one myself. I’ve also really taken advantage of lead generation through the ad campaigns. I love how both my client and I are updated on the reach of my ads in social media through the service. It’s more peace of mind for my sellers to know that their home is being professionally advertised. It’s also been a fantastic CRM. It’s easy to use and offers a nice variety of suggested notes and emails to send to my contact list. I especially like the automated birthday and anniversary notes as well! One of my favourite elements of being a part of the Royal LePage team has been getting to know and love this software,” Laura Sikorski, REALTOR®, Royal LePage The Realty Group.

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