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Sponsored: ‘You have to be online for people to see you’: One Ontario REALTOR®’s digital marketing journey with GoDaddy

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Before Anna Depalma invested in her own website, the Ontario real estate broker used some old-school marketing tactics: she bought a recurring magazine ad, printed paper door hangers, and “farmed” neighbourhoods one by one.

But the strategies didn’t pay off as swiftly as she’d hoped. Instead, she decided to refocus her attention online. As a millennial-aged professional, she had a built-in presence via Instagram that had gained some traction. Still, as the real estate industry became increasingly crowded, Depalma realized that she had to bolster her digital marketing efforts to stand out.

“There have never been more real estate agents in history than there are today, and I felt a real need to differentiate myself,” she said. “With the increased competition, I knew I had to do something to stand out to prospective clients.”

Indeed, the number of REALTORS® operating in Canada grows every year. The Canadian Real Estate Association, the largest governing body of REALTORS® in the country, now represents more than 135,000 members across 90 real estate boards and associations. That’s almost one CREA agent for every 200 Canadian adults. Plus, transactions are skyrocketing again following the pandemic downturn in 2020. Last month, new listings were up 237 per cent in the GTA, and residential transactions spiked more than 362 per cent, compared to April 2020.

“Canada’s real estate market is more robust than ever, and REALTORS® need the best online tools to showcase their properties and unique selling propositions to clients,” said Anne De Aragon, Vice President and Country Manager, GoDaddy Canada. “Over the past year, more businesses moved online, and it’s clear that the appetite for online shopping, whether for clothes or homes, will endure even once we return to relative normalcy. GoDaddy has the tools that REALTORS® need to reach their clients online.”

For Depalma, the COVID-19 pandemic further emphasized the need to focus on digital marketing. “You have to be online for people to see you,” she said. “That’s why I invested in a GoDaddy website.”

Working in the Dufferin County region north-west of Toronto, Depalma has seen an increase in prospective buyers from densely packed urban areas seeking extra space and a more suburban lifestyle. House-hunting in a market they may not be familiar with, budding buyers needed to find a trusted partner. Plus, with public health restrictions limiting in-person interaction, they needed an impressive, thorough endorsement that only a professional website can provide.

With, Depalma presents clients with a brand image that exudes confidence, intelligence and charisma. Her website features all the requisite information, like areas of expertise, location, and contact information. But most importantly, Depalma uses her website to add value to her clients’ real estate journeys. The website features a growing menu of blog posts on a variety of topics, including “Pre-Approval Vs. Pre-Qualification” and “Home Inspection Process,” to enhance the home-buying experience.

Anna Depalma’s website, powered by GoDaddy

Anna Depalma’s website, powered by GoDaddy

“They can find listings anywhere. The goal of my website is to provide added value for my clients,” she said. “GoDaddy made it easy to integrate various marketing tools into one page. With the use of these tools, I’m able to show my clients that I’m knowledgeable, personable and experienced.”

The website also easily links clients to her social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, complementing today’s important online presence. In the social media age, everyone has a preferred app or website, so it was important for Depalma to provide multiple avenues to make that social connection. also functions as a demonstration of her trustworthiness and likability. “A real estate sale is such an emotional and personal transaction. Buyers and sellers want to connect with their agent. That’s why I’ve invested in digital marketing that highlights my personality and past successes,” she added.

Using a Google integration tool, Depalma features her latest client testimonials on the website to help enhance her marketability as a trusted REALTOR®. It worked. Since launching her website this spring, Anna is busier than ever. To learn more about GoDaddy’s digital marketing tools, visit

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