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Vancouver proptech company partners with OpenAI

RESAAS (Real Estate Software as a Service), a proptech company based in Vancouver, is partnering with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to bring AI capabilities to real estate agents,

In a new release, the company says the integration of ChatGPT into its platform will allow agents to generate unique and accurate property descriptions in seconds by inputting key information about the property.

According to RESAAS, the new technology will save agents time and effort and provide a more professional and engaging experience for potential buyers; the initial launch of the partnership focuses on generating property descriptions using AI.

Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS, says, “By combining the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT with the vast amount of unique real estate data RESAAS generates, we are able to provide a valuable tool to help RESAAS Agents succeed in an increasingly competitive market.”

In an email, Rossiter says more than 22,000 Canadian realtors are currently using the company’s brokerage-agnostic technology.