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1,700+ Saskatchewan realtors now have advanced AI tools at their disposal

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The Saskatchewan Realtors Association (SRA) recently announced it’s delivering the latest in AI-powered tools to its 1,700 Saskatchewan members. The tools are powered by, a leader in artificial intelligence-powered computer vision technology for North American real estate.

“Saskatchewan’s tech sector is one of the fastest growing in Canada. We’re proud the real estate sector can contribute to this economic force in our province. Our real estate community in Saskatchewan provides an ideal landscape to innovate and push boundaries, and we’re thrilled to be one of the first associations in Canada to bring generative AI by into our MLS system, at no additional cost to our members,” SRA CEO, Chris Guérette, shares in a press release.


Saving time, adding automation and fully integrating with


Several advanced computer vision tools were implemented that will allow Saskatchewan realtors to upload a new listing in much less time than it currently takes.

This also includes automated generative AI tags – the technology scans each photo uploaded into MLS and automatically identifies the home’s key interior and exterior features. This automation will save realtors a lot of time compared to manually noting and inputting the tags. Plus, consumers will experience improved search functionality, helping them find the homes they want faster.

With full integration with Matrix, Saskatchewan’s multiple listing service (MLS) software platform, it will feed into the consumer-facing, trusted website.


Advanced technologies at their fingertips


Saskatchewan realtors can also access more advanced AI-powered technologies, like property descriptions, image captions and alt-text/metadata.

Image caption technology helps users describe the property and its best features, by automatically offering professionally written property descriptions. Alt-text data ensures photos have a description of what the photo is, which increases the listing’s accessibility. Metadata (detailed information about the images) is created when each photo is scanned, which boosts the amount of listing information the SRA gets.

“The magic of AI isn’t just in its potential but in its tangible impact (on) real estate in Canada. uses generative AI tag technology to help instantly identify everything from the home’s architectural style and outside amenities, to the features inside of the home, such as white kitchens, stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, outdoor kitchens, and more,” Guérette mentions.


Up next, Saskatchewan realtors will access more AI-powered tools within the province’s MLS system, including a tool that will auto-populate listings.


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