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Be a highly effective leader during the pandemic

You can’t fight what’s going on around you, you have to accept it. We’ve been preparing our whole lives for the situation that presents itself to us at this very moment. We’ve been preparing to deal with whatever arises in front of us, and now is the time to let our acquired skills deal accordingly.

We will all grow to be stronger. We will be better in our roles, no matter what they may be. We will find ourselves to be stronger Realtors, parents, friends and spouses. There is so much positivity and gratefulness that will come out of this difficult situation.

The most critical role of a leader during challenging times is to be responsive. As your team’s leader, you need to look at the facts and the data around your team and look at what opportunities you have and how to be strategic. This is vital for any leader during uncertainty.

When the majority of leaders are being reactive, emotional and going into scarcity mode, the best leaders always walk out in a storm, with their people.

When the future seems uncertain, it is actually the best time to create the future.

The best way to boost morale is to strategically give value to your clients in order for your clarity to be contagious. When businesses are in difficulty they need clear, strategic actions. You have to have a vision of what matters and how you can make it work.

Hope in the future creates power in the present. As a team leader, you need to understand why what we’re doing matters and how to translate it to your teams.

Winston Churchill once said, “Never waste a good crisis.” I look at that and say, “Never waste a good storm.” Tension creates focus, and if anything, you want to elongate the amount of time that you have that tension. The focus that is created from tension is invaluable to any business owner.

I like to say that if you could bottle that tension, that fear, that little bit of angst that is created in turmoil and sell it to people when the sun is out and the economy is strong and confidence is high, you would make billions of dollars.

When you have times of tension, it’s like a call to arms as a human or as a business to become more efficient, to become more organized.

It’s one of the best times to align a team when you lean into that tension and use it rather than waste the storm. The tension will allow you to be 10 times better than you were when you came into this situation.