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Boyes Group Realty of Saskatoon expands to Regina, Battleford

Boyes Group Realty of Saskatoon recently opened new offices in Regina and Battleford, Sask.

Managing broker Jordan Boyes says the Regina office opened on August 31 after the brokerage purchased a building there. It currently has a team of six agents and one admin, located at 1809 Mackay St. The branch manager in Regina is Rob Friesen.

Boyes Group also purchased a building in North Battleford and acquired Realty Solutions AKL Realty,  with three agents and one more in school, says Boyes. “I had spoken with broker Kandice Tomaz a couple of years back about joining us, as we wanted to establish a more provincial presence. Earlier this year she approached us, asking to re-start the conversation. Things progressed and we decided to purchase the brokerage. They bring a ton of knowledge and experience to that area and have a really great reputation, which aligns with what we try to do.”

The company now has full teams in Regina and Battleford, with agents servicing Prince Albert and a team servicing the Waskesiu and Lake Country. The brokerage’s main base in Saskatoon has about 80 agents.

Last year in Saskatoon, Boyes and his brother Jared, a two-person team, completed more than  $125 million in sales, in a city where average price is around $350,000.
“Working with family, although sometimes can be disastrous, really worked for us,” says Jordan Boyes. “It’s been almost seven years now and in that time we have sold about $500 million worth of real estate.

“We get each other, we each know where our strengths are and where our weaknesses are and the minute there is an issue we work through it. I’m not sure we have really had a dispute in all the time we work together. We know we can trust each other and always have the other’s best interest in mind. We also see each other daily, so our communication as to what’s going on with everyone is always a priority for us. I have seen many teams fail and fall apart over the years but we have found what works for us and see us working together for a long time to come.”

What’s the secret of their success?

“We are very client focused, we study the market a lot and have built a lot of trust with our clients. We represent a wide variety of developers who we have had a relationship with for a very long time,” says Boyes. “I would say the No. 1 reason for our success is our mindset. A lot of agents do two to three deals and go into a different mindset of letting up, and just focusing on those deals. Then the business goes back down and they are in rebuild mode. I try to work on the understanding for myself that you are only as good as your last deal…I treat every day like I’ve never done a deal before and just focus on what got us where we are today, and the next day I repeat that again over and over.”

He adds, “I really don’t think real estate is all about the sales. It’s still a people business. Do right by your clients and they will forever take care of you.”