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Burlington, Ont. broker opens Canada’s first Realty World office

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Realty World International, a globally recognized real estate company with over 500 offices worldwide, has recently made its way north with the opening of its first Canadian office in Burlington, Ont.

The new location, which opened on Jun. 30, is led by Brenda McKinley, a seasoned broker in the industry. McKinley’s deep connection to Southern Ontario and her diverse professional background, including working with real estate lawyers, accountants involved in real estate investments, and serving as a human resources manager, have equipped her with a wealth of experience and insights into the real estate landscape.

Since entering the real estate sector in 2001, McKinley has garnered accolades as an award-winning agent. Her personal journey and the challenges she faced as a newcomer have fueled her dedication to mentoring and guiding her fellow agents, ensuring they receive the necessary support and resources to excel in their careers.

Lisa Gerdes, the COO of Realty World International, expresses her excitement about the company’s expansion into Canada. Gerdes envisions the establishment of Realty World’s first office in Burlington as a gateway to new opportunities in serving the Canadian market and providing invaluable real estate expertise.

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