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Column is “unprofessional nonsense”

Regarding the article, Opinion: A new name for “unprofessionals” by Chris Seepe:

You had my interest right up until “realturd”. This kind of unprofessional nonsense is unbecoming of our industry and should require a retraction.

While I dislike bad, unethical behaviour as much as anyone, I feel just as strongly about the use of slurs towards other members. Those in our industry without high ethical standards unfortunately can’t be regulated. Their behaviour can, as we have methods of dealing with unethical practice.  We are better served to use them instead of Mr. Seepe’s approach. For those who agree, we await for Mr. Seepe’s apology.

I am surprised that REM would publish this type of writing.


Bill Sturgeon, Associate
Sutton Group Lethbridge
Lethbridge and District Association of Realtors Board of Directors
Chair – Professional Standards
Lethbridge, Alta.