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How to win back lost clients

When we think of real estate and business, new deals often come to mind. What we sometimes forget is the relationship once the sale is complete. Following up is essential to knowing if everything worked out on the client’s end. While finding new business can be challenging, prospecting is only part of the sales equation. In other words, maintaining a good standing is essential to one’s overall success.

Are customers/clients always right? NO – they are not. However, how they are handled when challenges do arise is paramount. Happy customers return. Dissatisfied ones don’t if left to their own devices. It is just that simple. 

So how do you win back a lost customer? First, a lost customer is someone who was unhappy with the service for whatever reason, and nothing was done about it. There was no follow-up after the sale. If you want to win back a lost customer, it is important to focus on the following:

  1. Timing – As soon as you know the client is upset, deal with it head-on before it’s too late. If too much time passes, then there is a strong chance the client won’t return, at best. At worst, your reputation will be at stake.
  1. Communication – By communicating options for solutions, upset clients will see that you care. Communication does not mean confrontation. In other words, you are trying to remedy the situation and reduce bad feelings. Allow the customer time to vent. They will genuinely appreciate it.

By following the two things noted above, there is a likelihood your clients will feel better and want to work with you in the future. Follow-up in real estate and any business is essential to overall outcomes.

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