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Be like water! It could be your strongest asset

Most of us are working to gain more success and increase our income and material wealth, yet we have slipped into the habit of talking about and fearing hard times.

We may talk about not being able to afford something or that it’s too expensive. We may talk about people we know or criticize the way they generated wealth.

We may look at our financial situation and when we see a downturn, we fear for our investments and our job.

Success and wealth has everything to do with consciousness and deservedness. The way out is to stop focusing on fear and limitation and work only for abundance and prosperity. There’s a universal law of non-resistance. The best way to work with it is to unplug from giving your time, energy and thoughts to that which goes against what you want.

Do not say that money is scarce, because this will push money away from you. Don’t say times are hard, because this will shut off the supply of money and even God can’t sneak in another coin.

The subject of money and financial success is not, as many have said, the “root of all evil”, nor is it the clear path to happiness. Once you can successfully control the subject of money, you will have significant leverage. Not only is it assured that your financial success must improve, but the evidence of that success will prepare you for deliberate and specific improvement in every aspect of your life and business.

So how can we work for prosperity? By being non-resistant and tuning in to everything that is prosperous and using every way possible to make it easy for prosperity and money to come in.

Be like water!

Water is extremely powerful, yet it is a perfect non-resistant element. In Niagara Falls, we can see where it has worn away the hardest rock. We have witnessed it sweep everything aside with its torrential outburst. Trees, buildings, bridges – nothing can withstand its force.

Consider how a great river is created. It begins as a small stream in the mountains, where it is fed by ice and snow melt in the springtime. It is crooked and meandering. Imagine the little stream of water running into a massive boulder, a fallen tree or decaying leaves and bushes. Does the little stream hit the obstacle and stop and wait for enough force to build up so that it can clear the path? No, it has no interest in the tree or boulder. It does not waste any time with the obstacle, but quietly makes its way around the interference and carries on. It is called forth to join a river and then to be a part of the mighty ocean. Notice that little stream finds its way around many obstacles, but every turn ultimately takes it nearer its goal.

Most people are unaware of Mother Nature’s method and take a different approach. When they hit an obstacle, they stop their progress to build up their forces with the aim to fight to remove it.  This resistance we create causes friction and this friction causes an irritation and an inflammation. It’s a complete waste of human energy.

This is the reason why many people’s lives are so challenging. This resistance is causing people to break down and wear out like an old car. It is not the movement of a car that wears it down, it is the friction of the machinery in the engine. Friction is opposition and resistance.

If we go through life resisting, arguing, fighting and opposing, we are destined to come up against many obstacles and become so occupied resisting and fighting them that we completely lose sight of our real objective. If we are always bracing ourselves for the next problem, we can expect plenty of them.

If we do our best to keep our thoughts on our objective, we may have to go around many obstacles, but if we persevere we will ultimately succeed. We will reach our goal.