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New AI technology promises to modernize MLS

A picture is worth a thousand words, and photos have always been a critical tool for agents., an artificial intelligence software company, says its technology can harness the valuable data in those images and streamline how many in the industry navigate MLS.

The Barcelona-based proptech company, which specializes in AI for real estate, is partnering with the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) to help improve its system.

The technology, which will be integrated into TRREB’s MLS, allows for the automation of the listing input process by analyzing photos and extracting data, according to Lisa Larson, managing director for North America at

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“Not only are we able to identify all of the interior and exterior features, like flooring, lighting and countertops, we can also identify architectural styles,” Larson adds. “When a listing agent or a broker uploads photos to the database, (the software) can quickly analyze it and auto-populate the entire listing form field with all the additional tags, making it more accurate and getting the listing up quicker.”

Larson says the software can analyze an image in one-third of a second and up to one hundred images in five to six seconds with an accuracy level of 99.8 per cent. “We’re able to speed up a process that has traditionally taken 20 to 30 minutes. We also identify a lot more property features.”


A Pinterest-type experience


The AI software will also allow users to expand on the traditional MLS search by enabling buyers to search for a property using a wider variety of features or images of their dream home. Larson promises a Pinterest-type experience, “Buyers can take an image of any property, any feature, interior or exterior, upload it to MLS, and immediately find every active listing that matches that attribute.”

In addition, Larson says can detect the condition of a property by analyzing images to help determine what and how much work it may need, as well as the property’s value. “We move the needle when it comes to valuation. It’s a more accurate way to measure the value of a property.” The technology also offers a compliance solution that can auto-detect misuses of listing photos or other violations based on board rules.


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Minimal training required for users


“The way we’ve always done it is dead,” says John DiMichele, CEO of TRREB. “You shouldn’t have to retrieve data; it should come to you.”

TRREB’s CEO asks the question before answering it himself, “Is this software going to be something that will revolutionize (MLS)? Yes. But people need to learn to adopt it into their methods.”

Before the official launch, members will require “minimal training” to learn the new tech. A firm date has yet to be set, though TRREB is hopeful the integration will be complete in early 2023. DiMichele promises, “It’s going to change things.”

No other Canadian boards have signed on to add this new technology to their respective MLS systems— though, according to Larson, conversations are happening with boards across the country, “from Vancouver to Montreal.”