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New beginnings: Beaver Realty aims to bring levity to real estate

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In a world where real estate transactions can sometimes feel as cold and daunting as a dip in a Canadian lake during winter, two unconventional realtors have made a splash by defying the norms. 

Johnny Hewerdine and Tristan Squire-Smith, the duo previously known for their audacious advertising, have now resurfaced under the banner of Coldwell Banker Beaver Realty, bringing along their unique brand of humour.

For those who need a refresher, Hewerdine and Squire-Smith first caught Real Estate Magazine’s attention when their polarizing billboard and social media ads got them the boot from their previous brokerage. Their slogan, “You could do worse,” ruffled some feathers in the industry (they were fired from a former brokerage), but to others, it was a breath of fresh air.

Hewerdine and Squire-Smith’s previous billboard in London, Ont.


How Beaver Realty Brokerage came to be


Undeterred by the controversy, the pair has created a new home with Coldwell Banker Beaver Realty and are determined to shake things up once again. They describe their approach as “disruptive marketing,” using jokes and irony to, as they say, humanize an industry often dominated by suits and awards.

While their new brokerage opened in June, the grand opening for Beaver Realty is scheduled for Sept. 30, and it won’t be your typical ribbon-cutting affair. Instead, they’ll host a live wrestling event aptly named “Beavermania,” complete with scripted matches and over-the-top entertainment. Hewerdine, Beaver Realty’s broker of record, quipped, “We’re doing our own thing.”

Their unconventional approach doesn’t stop at wrestling. Their listing videos on Facebook are far from typical, featuring a mischievous mascot, nods to popular TV shows, cartoon characters, and even unexplained gasoline fireballs. It’s all part of their mission to make the real estate experience fun and engaging for their clients.

But what’s in a name, you might ask? Well, in the case of Beaver Realty, everything. The beaver, a symbol deeply embedded in Canadian culture, serves as the perfect emblem for their brokerage. As noted in a press release from Coldwell Bankers, it’s an animal that’s steeped in folklore, graces the national currency and even makes appearances on iconic TV quiz shows like Jeopardy.

Squire-Smith adds, “The Canadiana thing becomes subconscious and gives us an endless supply of material. Plus, it’s an animal. People love animals, right?”  

Business partners and friends


Hewerdine and Squire-Smith’s journey into real estate began two decades ago when they met as members of the University of Western Ontario’s swim team. Their backgrounds are as diverse as their marketing tactics. 

Hewerdine, a former electrician and founder of the Middlesex Swimming organization, ventured into real estate in 2017. Squire-Smith, on the other hand, holds degrees in chemistry, languages, nursing, and business, with a U.S. patent to his name. He joined the real estate world in 2021.

They say they’re not just looking to build a brokerage; they’re aiming to create a haven for young agents, fostering creativity and offering top-notch service to clients in London.

With their move to Coldwell Banker, the pair is excited about the opportunities it brings. They say they’ve found a home where their sense of humour and dedication to excellent service aligns with the company’s values. Coldwell Banker Beaver Realty joins Coldwell Banker Power Realty in serving clients in London and the surrounding areas.

As they embark on this new chapter, the duo is clear about their mission: to provide amazing service while injecting a sense of fun into the real estate industry. They acknowledge that their approach may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re not here to fool around. As Hewardine puts it, “It takes some serious skill and some serious hard work, and here we go!”


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