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New Engel & Völkers platform develops custom marketing strategies for agents

Engel & Völkers recently launched MaX, a platform the company says acts as a personal marketing strategist for each salesperson in the brand’s Americas network.

“MaX analyzes both external and proprietary data points, such as geography, target clientele and current listings to deliver each Engel & Völkers Americas advisor with a customized marketing plan to best reach and influence their ideal clients” when they are looking for a real estate professional, the company says in a news release.

“Marketing is an essential part of every advisor’s business,” says Anthony Hitt, president and CEO, Engel & Völkers Americas. “However, with so many different marketing tools, platforms and channels, it can be difficult to know which one will work best for any given advisor, listing any given home, in any given market. MaX has turned a process that often felt arbitrary or based on chance into a science. Our advisors now have access to the data-backed intelligence they need to build the most effective marketing plans for their brand and the individual listings they represent. MaX has the ability to deliver a unique marketing strategy for every property in the Americas.”

To use the platform, salespeople answer a short series of questions around their ideal clients, listings and market. Based on the responses received, MaX analyzes millions of data points on market information, home sales data, demographic trends and consumer behaviour and intent based on the brand’s proprietary data, the company says.

“At the outset of this journey, our goal was to develop a single approach for our advisors to market themselves and their listings,” says Katelyn Castellano, senior VP, marketing, for the brand. “However, just like every property and client, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s where data intelligence comes into play. In analyzing a proprietary blend of both internal and external data points, MaX determines the most influential marketing strategy for every advisor in every market based on their goals, home price points and their targeted audience and provides education to help them execute on it.”

The company says the platform is built on an algorithm that delivers a custom marketing strategy “that prioritizes the channels on which an advisor should focus their marketing efforts and investments, including industry portals, digital advertising, Facebook, Instagram, events, print advertisements, direct mail and more. By ranking different channels by effectiveness for specific markets and consumer sets, MaX allows advisors to conduct smarter, more targeted marketing.”

It also allows advisors to determine the unique optimal marketing mix for each of their listings, the company says.  Salespeople input a home address of any property, price point and targeted buyers and the platform delivers the marketing channels that are most effective for marketing that specific home.

“MaX will truly change the way our real estate advisors do business,” says Paul Benson, license partner and owner of more than 30 Engel & Völkers shop locations in Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. “We’ll be able to launch smarter marketing campaigns starting immediately, and the ability to drill down into the optimal marketing mix for a specific address gives our advisors a significant advantage when developing listing presentations and ultimately selling homes.”