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New technology promises to streamline transactions

Toronto-based company Syngrafii has launched new technology that aims to streamline real estate transactions by providing real estate professionals with a complete end-to-end document and transaction management solution.

The company says the technology, iinked Sign and Video Signing Room, have been integrated into CREA WebForms. The new tech will allow for “seamless agreement execution for sending, signing and tracking documents” and is designed to save realtors time on paperwork and simplify real estate transactions.

The integration will also enhance compliance, reduce costs and provide an audit trail and proof of compliance.


How it works


According to a news release, the technology provides a legally compliant virtual way to conduct face-to-face business with real estate and PropTech clients remotely.

This includes the added benefit of being able to record the full video conference conversation and transaction, providing non-repudiation assurance. The company says all files and video recordings are stored securely with an audit trail.




The technology enhances consumer protection and reduces potential liability for brokerages via KYC tools, signature biometrics, and industry-leading Audit Trail – all fully integrated features of iinked Sign and Video Signing Room.


Automated Workflows


The native integration of Syngrafii technology into CREA WebForms provides realtors and their clients with a seamless, timely means of securely requesting, receiving, sending, and tracking eSignatures within WebForms. Changes to documents are processed in real time, providing visibility and transparency throughout the expedited transaction lifecycle.


Enhanced client experience


The intuitive interface of the technology assures transparency and client understanding throughout the transaction process and removes the inconvenience of clients having to attend physical meetings in person.


Cost Savings


Syngrafii’s technology offers an open contract Pay-As-You-Sign offering with all platform features bundled in, which can lead to cost savings for realtors and their clients.


Syngrafii says with this new technology, realtors can conduct business remotely while being legally compliant, automate workflows, enhance the client experience, and ultimately save time and costs. This technology is available to all 155,000+ CREA members.