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Real estate books: “Solopreneurs”, and a thriller

The Little Red Stick: What Gets Measured Gets Done!
By Sue Styles

Calgary-based business coach, speaker and entrepreneur Sue Styles says, “Over the years of teaching, I realized that one of the best ways to help many more budding ‘solopreneurs’ – who have ideas for a business and a yearning to control their own success – would be to write a book about how to use scalable processes, how to invite in customers and how to achieve the ultimate mastery of becoming a true ‘boss’, one who takes purposeful time working ON his or her business rather than IN.”

The result is The Little Red Stick, billed as “simple strategies for mastering solo success”.

The book offers “five daily habits that drive profits” such as looking after customers before they become customers and how to build a solid foundation for your business.

It includes case studies of successful Canadian salespeople and brokers, along with advice for those who feel like they are down and out.

“Whatever stage you are at right now, be encouraged!” Styles says. “I have worked with the best of the best and a couple of the worst, and I can assure you that no matter where you are today, you can move forward tomorrow with a new outlook, some new skills and new success.”

For more information or to order the book, visit Style’s website.

Heart of the City
By Robert Rotenberg

REM has never covered a thriller in its books section before, so this is a first. This fast-paced novel is set in Toronto’s Kensington Market community, where a new condominium building has come under heavy local neighbourhood opposition. That’s not unusual in Toronto these days, but in this novel it leads to the murder of the condo developer.

The book, by Toronto criminal lawyer and author Robert Rotenberg, focuses on former detective Ari Greene, who some readers may know from several of Rotenberg’s previous novels such as The Guilty Plea and Stray Bullets. A daughter that Greene didn’t know he had for most of her life is also a key player as they unravel the mystery. The book, like Rotenberg’s others, is set in real-life Toronto locations.

If you enjoy thrillers or murder mysteries, with a little real estate thrown in, you should enjoy this.

Available at bookstores now.