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Sales rep rescues abandoned greyhounds

Ivana Wells

Ivana Wells

The life of a racetrack greyhound can be sadly short. By the age of four, most are “retired” from racing and from there the future is uncertain. The best racers are often used for breeding in living conditions that vary. Some are abandoned and the fortunate ones are given to non-profit organizations such as Greyhounds in Need of Adoption (GINA).  Ivana Wells, a sales rep with Sutton Group – Quantum Realty in Mississauga, Ont. volunteers with GINA, helping to educate the public and fostering the newly arrived greyhounds. Her home is usually the first one the dogs have ever experienced. Three weeks of foster care helps them become accustomed to a loving domestic environment as their personalities are assessed to match each one to the most suitable owner.

Wells also donates a portion of her commissions to GINA and helps to educate people. “Greyhounds are very friendly and sociable dogs. They are used to continuous contact with dogs and humans alike. They are usually quiet and eager to please,” says Wells. Dogs rescued by GINA are tested for ticks, vaccinated, microchipped for identification and neutered/spayed. Surprisingly,  although greyhounds need regular exercise, they tire easily, making them good urban dogs. Their coat also requires little grooming. One caution: rescued dogs are not used to young children.