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Sue Styles launches season four of Mind Your Own Business podcast

Calgary entrepreneur, trainer and author Sue Styles recently released her fourth season of the Mind Your Own Business podcast.

“It offers practical and proven tactics to build a business. Expert and vetted guests range from the CEO of the Calgary Real Estate Board to No. 1 agents, golf celebrities, magicians and productivity experts,” she says. “Mind Your Own Business offers all the steps to success for Realtors and entrepreneurs and it serves up a double dose of grit.”

Styles says that one roadblock she sees too often is the lack of formal education for entrepreneurs. That is one reason why, after going through the school of hard knocks herself, Styles now helps others, she says.

“What I found, and many have experienced, is that hopeful business owners take some ‘schooling’, get licensed and then go to work on Monday morning (in their home office) and then ask themselves, “What the heck am I supposed to do?”

Disappointingly, getting licensed does not set a person up for business success, she says.

“Too many new business owners know this fact firsthand.”

Styles built her own consulting business and has spoken at real estate conferences all across Canada, including the largest industry gathering in Toronto two years in a row. Since then, she has written two books, managed her own list of business clients and been interviewed in Forbes twice.

“There is a natural progression in any business model,” she says, “There is always something else that can be implemented or at least experimented with. You can never take your hands off the wheel or your foot off the gas. Don’t coast – when you coast you are going downhill.”

The podcast is available on YouTube and streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music and Anchor.