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The ‘follow-up’ is critical when it comes to sales

Due to the initial resistance to cold-calling, many people refrain from doing it altogether. Be different than those people. Picking up the phone is not supposed to be painful forever.

Once the initial uneasiness is dealt with, conversations become warmer and warmer. When this happens, real estate deals start to get done. This is the very reason why cold-calling is so effective. Don’t lose sight of why you are picking up the phone. It pays off. Several nos will lead to that first yes. Take notice of how many rejections it takes to get an appointment in your business, and then simply stick to those numbers.

But what if they “never call me back,” you may be thinking. Expect to follow up with prospects a few times. And also, expect certain people never to call you back. The good news is that most do, eventually, even if it’s to say no. And that response is information. Learn from it. Why are they saying no? What might potential clients want instead? Apply what you learn on future calls to other prospects. People warm up after time. They will share their good and not-so-good experiences. Take special note of things you discover. Be the observer, not the talker. Listen, listen, listen – always! People always know who is really listening.

If you get nowhere with your calls, try following up with the prospect via email. Again, ask for a meeting. Always ask for an appointment. Make it a phone appointment to start. What you want is live contact. Live contact is powerful. Much more so than social media posts alone. Reach out to prospects every day. Feel the difference a conversation makes.

It is a fallacy to expect people to reach out to you if they are interested. It’s an illusion. Your prospects and customers appreciate live people over robots any day. Combine networking, consistent prospecting efforts, and follow-up daily, and watch what happens!

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