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Unleash the Power of Offer Transparency with Openn

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In an evolving real estate landscape, agents and brokers face the challenge of keeping pace with legislative changes and the increasing demand for efficiency and transparency. Openn is designed to meet these needs, offering a progressive solution in the realm of digital offer management.

Discover, an intuitive platform and next step in the evolution of the offer process used in Canadian real estate. Integrated seamlessly with and WEBForms®, Openn facilitates effective communication and negotiation for agents. Whether you’re on the go or in your office, this tool ensures you and your clients are always equipped to seize opportunities. This is particularly relevant in Ontario, where TRESA’s upcoming implementation underscores the necessity for compliant tools.

Openn serves more than just offer management; it’s a catalyst for business growth. It enables agents to generate leads, fortify their brand and expand their business footprint. Beyond transaction facilitation, Openn emphasizes the importance of nurturing client relationships, aligning with the modern agent’s objectives.

At the core of Openn’s philosophy is a commitment to helping agents and brokerages comply with changing legislation with greater transparency. The platform allows agents to clearly display the interest a property garners, offering the flexibility to share details like the number of offers, their ranking and key aspects of each offer, including price. When the right circumstances are present in a multiple-offer scenario, this approach not only promotes fairness and keeps all parties well-informed, but data shows it can also result in sales prices well above a seller’s expectations.

As Ontario prepares for the TRESA legislation changes on December 1, Openn is ready to assist agents in adapting to these developments.

We invite you to join our webinar on December 5: TRESA Compliance Simplified: Navigating Offers with Openn. This session will provide valuable insights, demonstrate practical applications and feature a live Q&A with our Openn experts.

During the webinar, we’ll explore how Openn can streamline your offer disclosure processes in alignment with TRESA, ensuring you remain at the forefront of industry developments. Participants will receive a downloadable fact sheet, offering a comprehensive understanding of the legislative changes.

The Canadian real estate market is undergoing significant transformation, and Openn is at the forefront, providing agents with essential tools and resources to meet evolving consumer expectations while maintaining their crucial role in transactions.

Seize this opportunity to enhance your professional expertise. RSVP for our December 5 webinar and explore the advantages of digital offer management with Openn.

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