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Zillow partners with Brookfield Residential to display new home listings

Zillow has introduced new construction listings to its website and mobile app and partnered with Brookfield Residential as the first builder to have its homes displayed on Zillow in Canada.

Lucy Wohltman, vice president of new construction for Zillow Group, says, “Brookfield Residential has long been a strong partner in the U.S. and it is great to have them help lead the way with us in providing a comprehensive home shopping experience for Canadian consumers.”

Consumers shopping for homes in Canada will see new construction listings appear alongside resale listings in search. Home builders partnering with Zillow in Canada will have access to several benefits, including Promoted Communities, a listing product exclusively for builders, which “improves discoverability and the visual experience for home shoppers considering a new build home,” says Zillow. Additionally, builders have several ways to directly engage with home shoppers, including email lead forms, direct links to their website, driving instructions to new builds and sales office hours, the company says.