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3 keys to unlocking your business goals in 2023

You have decided on what your goals are, and you are determined to reach them – but how?

I want to encourage you that even the biggest, hairiest and most audacious goals can be reached by taking a step-by-step approach, and there are three practical keys that will unlock your results.

But first – is anything getting in your way?

I had a distraught client who couldn’t reach his business goals, as the death of his mother nine years prior had him in a sad state he couldn’t escape. 

I remember thinking how distraught his mom would be, enjoying her eternity but unable to return and heal her son. If I die unexpectedly, it will break my heart if my family can’t find their way past; I would not want them stuck in the burden of their grief.

Your internal reaction to the uncontrollable, or when things don’t go according to your ideals – can halt you in your tracks.

And it isn’t just big life and death circumstances that can sabotage you; it can also be the everyday challenges:

Last year my daughter Sara became a journeyman mechanic. After four years at college and all the practicals in between, she passed her final exam. However, she didn’t feel all that confident in her abilities. 

One day, after being away at the doctor’s for an appointment, Sara got assigned to the wash bay upon her return.

She immediately interpreted that to mean that they didn’t think she was good enough, she was too slow, asked too many questions – but these were her internal self-judgements. 

She got up the courage the next day to approach her boss, and the story was completely different on their end. 

They respected and liked her. They were trying to do her a favour because they knew she wasn’t feeling all that well (later, she found out she was pregnant).

So, just because something is easy to deal with for one person doesn’t make it a good or easy thing for everyone. That is something we all need to assess for ourselves.

Is there anything holding you back?


Get the help you need to reveal limiting beliefs, self-sabotage or any other hindrance to your freedom.

Now, I have three keys to reveal that have absolutely made a difference in entrepreneurial careers. 


Key 1: The story


I always told my kids when they were little (and would still listen to me), “Think you can, or think you can’t; either way, you are right.” 

Thank you, Henry Ford, for that quote. 

Can you do it? You can do it. Just do it. Your goals are possible for you if you believe.

Most people do not fail at business or at reaching their goals – they give up. They give up on their story.

You must bring your motivation. And you are the one that has control over what is happening in your mind.

You won’t win the game if you don’t bring the motivation. If you believe your doubts and doubt your beliefs, fear sabotages at a cellular level, you can’t see it, and you won’t understand how you can be doing everything right, but it just doesn’t seem to give the results you need.

Sometimes, it’s that story in your head that makes all the difference.

If you can research your own values and define your passion, that will give you a strong story that you can stand on to better reach those goals and dreams.

There are numerous examples of people achieving even the most impossible goals throughout history just because they believed they could.

Napoleon led his army over the Austrian Alps, which had been thought to be an impossible task.

Roger Bannister ran the first four-minute mile, which before that had been thought humanly impossible.

Once you have your story supporting you, all things are possible. The next key is consistent habits.


Key 2: Our daily habits


What are some good habits you need?

Would you consider replacing one of your bad habits with one good one?

Many people say they would, but most won’t do it. The small fraction of those who are willing to make sacrifices and suffer for their passion are the ones who will reap the rewards.

If you discover a problem, you may have to improve your habits to succeed. Your good habits are what support you.

In Calgary, there is a beacon of business, the Calgary Tower. In 1967, it was the tallest building in the city. The city wanted to invite the world to Calgary.

The tower has over 10,000 tonnes of solid concrete, but I find it interesting that more than half of it is under the ground. It is the foundation. 

It’s the glory that you cannot see. But it provides the support to go higher.

How high do you want to go?

I want you to be busy doing the right things. You won’t get the right results if you are busy doing the wrong things. 

I meet entrepreneurs every day who are trying to build million-dollar businesses using hundred-dollar habits – that won’t get you very high off the ground.

Once you have excellent, consistent daily habits, the third key is to keep up the good work.


Key 3: Keep trying until…


I have been hosting a podcast called “Mind Your Own Business” for two years, and recently I did some research. 

I emailed every past guest and asked what made the difference in their success. 

Every single person answered with their own variation of managing the disappointments before the success and not giving up.

They all said this in their own words, and this is what you will also tell your children, your team and your friends when they ask you, “how did you do it?” 

It will be your version of this: “Somehow, I managed to keep going; I managed to keep trying.”

You know the saying, “if you’re going through hell, don’t stop.” 

You have to come out the other side, and the only way is to keep trying until you get there.

Often, we suffer in place – not being where we want to be, not having what we want to have!

When Tony Robbins had the opportunity to interview Nelson Mandella, he asked him how he endured the suffering of being in prison for over 30 years. Since Robbins has a mission to relieve our suffering, he wanted to know how Nelson coped.

Mandella said, “I didn’t suffer – I prepared.”


What can you do to prepare for the goal, that fulfillment? Instead of suffering?

Have you got excellent time blocking into place so that when you are busy with goals being reached that you will still protect your family time?

Is your office ideally organized with everything you need to scale your business, or are you working from your couch with your laptop on your knees?

Have you prepared meals so you can grab and go if need be? Maybe there is something you need to get into place to be fully prepared! 

Don’t just sit there suffering; take opportunities and make opportunities that will help you keep trying.

If you have the tenacity to work through and implement these three keys, you can put your hands on your goals for 2023.

You can watch Sue’s webinar on the topic here