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A new way to cold call

Is door knocking a thing of the past for Realtors now that business is done primarily online? The world has changed, and the way business is done has followed. What does this mean for regular cold calling?

Combining networking and social media strategies, Zoom and cold calls work together like a powerhouse. Cold calls have become softer, more welcoming and less abrasive. Follow these three tips if you are a Realtor wanting to build your business:

1. Attend networking events where you are the only one in your category.

Structure your schedule to attend networking events one or two times per week. Build relationships without trying to ask for immediate business. Offer knowledge about a particular market you cover and focus on learning about the people you are meeting. Allow the business to come to you. The focus here is to build new connections and then follow up with online meetings. Note worthy information in your database.

2. Post regular market updates on LinkedIn.

Be visible on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Offer market updates on video. Show pictures of special properties. Stay in touch with your connections in a softer way. When the timing is right, pick up the phone and touch base. You can even schedule Zoom calls to connect in a more professional and personal way.

3. Master your presentation skills.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to show what is going on in a particular neighbourhood. Offer tips to buyers or sellers. Practice delivering this presentation as you would in front of a live audience. Deliver it as a webinar or a complimentary update. Follow up with your attendees and schedule regular calls in your database.

Now more than ever, residential Realtors must do business differently. Cold calling used in conjunction with social media marketing and networking will yield the best results. Push yourself beyond what you have always known.

The good news is that cold calls will be much warmer as a result, and possibly more effective than traditional methods.